Hyperconverged Infrastructure at the tactical edge

Now it is possible to deploy your HCI infrastructure wherever you go


Relying on the comms link to reach back to access mission data is quite risky.

Intermittent connectivity or signal jamming can make impossible to access the required data delaying or completely ruining the mission. Traditional storage and compute approaches require dedicated hardware for compute (servers) and also dedicated hardware for storage (NAS or SAN).


Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC) is literally a full datacenter on wheels. With compute nodes, SSD storage, 10G switching capabilities and UPS, it is able to deliver the highest performance on the most demanding environments thanks to its MIL-STD-810G certification.

In addition to the rugged hardware used, the system has been fully certified to run all the top hyperconverged solutions available in the market to ensure the highest levels of performance while officially supported from our partners.

With the launch of the Voyager VM3.0 and Voyager SW12GG, a TDC-like solution using Voyager standard modules can be used when there are requirements for extra compute, additional 1G router/switching, etc.


A completely portable datacenter solution that can be deployed on harsh locations while providing the best performance available on an enterprise grade data center.

The Voyager family modular approach makes it very easy to add modules as required to meet different mission requirements.

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