Klas Telecom is an engineering and design company with over 25 years of experience developing innovative communications solutions for the network edge.

The company specializes in integrating enterprise networking capabilities from global IT leaders with in-house hardware and software platforms designed to meet market demands and the most stringent environmental requirements. The primary markets were work in are Government & Military and Transportation. Click into each section to find out how our solutions were applied in different situations in relation to each marketplace.

Klas Markets


Klas Telecom tactical and deployable communications products are built, and independently lab tested, to meet military standards for optimum performance in rugged and harsh environments. Our products enable government communications teams at all echelons to communicate more and carry less by leveraging a purposefully-designed system-of-systems that uniquely allows for scalability and modularity all at a lower total cost of ownership.


Klas Telecom delivers globally-trusted Cisco security and networking technology to the connected transportation market. With products designed for the most demanding freight and passenger rail applications to those suitable for tram, bus and wayside, our product line enables extension of the secure enterprise to the edge of the mobile and dynamic transporation space.

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Klas Markets