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LTG Mark Bowman, USA (ret.)

Board Of Directors, Klas Government

Using extra-ordinary leadership and team building skills, Bowman refused to just manage the status quo. Instead, he pioneered the introduction of new technologies and drove positive change throughout his 38-year Army career culminating with significant positions including CIO/J6, US Central Command, Director of Architecture Networks Operations and Space, Department of the Army, and finally as CIO/J6, Joint Chiefs of Staff. In these positions, he was the driving force behind the moves to Thin/Zero Client, Enterprise Email, Reliable Secure Mobile VoIP Phones, Push- to-Talk Satellite Phones, Effective End-Point Management, and many other efforts. His efforts saved millions and increased security while providing better service and increased capabilities to the user. Since retiring from the Army, Bowman sits Boards, Consults, and serves as a Senior Mentor. On the Boards, he helps companies develop, meet and exceed their goals. He consults for five small/medium companies. He also serves for the US Army as a Highly Qualified Expert – Senior Mentor (HQE-SM) focused on Communications and Cyber. Finally, he is an accomplished speaker who speaks frequently on the subjects of Leadership, IT Innovation, IT Security, and Cyber.
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