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Julianna Tran

Julianna Tran


Julianna Tran serves as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at Klas Government. Many may know her from her work assisting in the management and inside sales of Klas Group. Julianna first joined Klas Group in 2013 and most recently moved to help lead Klas Government in 2022. As CAO, she supports the Sales, Inside Sales, BD, and Marketing Team, while also managing all HR, IT, and operations of all Klas Gov facilities.

Julianna strongly believes and exemplifies the philosophy of being a lifelong learner. In addition to her Master of Business Administration from William & Mary College, she also holds a dual degree in International Affairs and Asian Studies with a concentration in International Development from The George Washington University; certified Professional in Project Management from Project Management Institute; Digital Marketing from the American Marketing Association; and Leadership in the 21st Century from Harvard Business Publishing. She currently resides in Northern Virginia.

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