Klas commissioned independent research firm, Pollfish, to conduct a study into consumer sentiment towards self-driving or autonomous vehicles.

1,000 consumers, across the US, UK and Germany were surveyed to analyze their understanding of Autonmous Driving.

0 %
of all survey respondents believe AVs are at least one year away from being available for public use.

Key Highlights

30 %
the biggest benefits of AVs is a better transportation options for children and individuals with disabilities.
73 %
of people across the US, UK and Germany would feel comfortable riding in autonomous taxis when available for public use.
79 %
of all survey respondents said they believe a self-driving feature is worth an additional cost.

Klas R&D Automotive Solutions

Klas provides a complete solution for ADS and ADAS development environments, alongside R&D data loggers to capture data for use in simulation environments. Built on an open architecture, AV developers can begin with basic logging of data from onboard devices and sensors communicating over vehicle buses of CAN and Ethernet. 

With Klas, AV developers can easily access, collect and collate data for SIL/HIL systems. With integrated high-performance connectivity, Klas simplifies secure data storage on-premise or in the cloud in adherence to regulatory compliance.

Time Saving

A holistic solution of in-vehicle compute,  connectivity, data logging and storage, that is easy to set up and manage from anywhere.


A modular architecture with flexible configuration, that supports bring your own hardware  to meet the demands of your project needs and budgets.

Future Proofed

Easily integrate and evaluate the next generation of sensors, with high performance modules, designed to meet the scale of petabytes of AV R&D data.

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