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From May 6-10th, Klas will be at SOF Week 2024 showcasing our latest tactical edge technology including Klas’ TrueTactical™ technology that is proven, trusted, and deployed across all elements of the U.S. Department of Defense and its coalition partners. Visit us at Booth #1513 and if you’d like to arrange a meeting with one of our team, contact us at sales@klasgov.com.

Our live demos this year will be focused around demonstrating how our modular platform and vast partner ecosystem can help your organization scale to any mission and:

  • create an interoperable, adaptative, resilient, robust, redundant, and infinitely scalable edge common compute data centric environment.
  • defend your networks against cyberattacks in highly contested or denied environments
  • provide situational awareness and information management and data exchange with increased efficiency, reduced cognitive workloads, using multiple transport methods and fusing information and displays to our coalition forces across all domains;
  • provide expeditionary communications that have a low probability of interception/detection in remote and highly contested locations;
  • merging multiple program requirements and end user missions by seamlessly integrating most military radios;
  • use any method of transport (SATCOM agnostic) and most COTS software;
  • develop an infrastructure to include improved compute, software, firmware, electromagnetic spectrum sensing ability, and cyber protection;
  • leverage the power of AI/ML to collect, process, analyze and distribute data at the edge and get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Our demos will include: 

• VoyagerVM 4.0 Expansion Modules
Voyager DEK (Dual Enclave Kit)
Kortex V
TMES (Tactical Multi-Enclave System Transport & Network)
Voyager TRIK-M (Tactical Radio Integration Kit – Manpack)

About SOF Week 2024:

SOF Week is an annual conference for the international SOF community to learn, connect, and honor its members. The event is jointly sponsored by USSOCOM and the Global SOF Foundation. It is held in Tampa, Florida and is expected to draw over 15,000 attendees.Register to attend SOF Week 2024 here.

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