Portable package with support for Harris Manpack radios.

Voyager 8+ sized case that houses either Harris 117G, 158, 160 or 167 radios plus 5 Voyager modules.

Voyager TRIK-M


Key Features

  • Airline checkable Voyager 8+ case/chassis with 600W UPS
  • Support for any of the following Harris radios:
    • AN/PRC 117G
    • AN/PRC 158
    • AN/PRC 160
    • AN/PRC 167
  • 5 remaining slots for:
    • Voyager modules supporting route, switch, compute, backhaul
    • Radio brackets to integrate additional handheld radios, amplifiers, MANET or Tactical Data Link
    • MRB to support 117G (in addition to the manpack radio slot)

Please click here for more information on the TRIK™

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