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Radio Integration with Voyager

Radio Integration with Voyager

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Radio Integration with Voyager

Marty Distel, Senior Solutions Engineer at Klas Government

In today’s environment, tactical radios are being immersed into every situation in every corner of the world. Whether you are patrolling through the mountains, running coastal waterway security checkpoints, or even flying rescue missions after a natural disaster, Voyager products from Klas Government are up for any challenge, anywhere, anytime. The Voyager line features ready-to-go solutions, and individual modules that meet the need of any tactical communicator.

Within our equipment lineup, we have Voyager Radio Brackets for a wide range of radio platforms to fit your mission requirements and provide you the support you need. See the complete list of Voyager Radio Brackets here. Voyager Radio Brackets are portable, ruggedized, and utilize low power to operate efficiently. Voyager Radio Brackets also allow traditional radios to share data across the network by utilizing our route, switch, and compute Voyager modules. View our Voyager line here. Low-power radio brackets are supported in our Voyager 1, Voyager 2, Voyager 4, and Voyager 8 platforms. The high-power radios and those that require an Amp are supported in our Voyager 8+ platform.

The realm of possibilities is endless when it comes to utilizing Voyager products and our Voyager Radio Brackets. One of those possibilities is the Voyager Tactical Radio Integration Kit. The Voyager TRIK extends our capabilities and allows better support for a range of soldier and mobile radios. The Voyager TRIK provides a bridge between IP and radio networks without compromising Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).  The Voyager TRIK encompasses the ability to receive incoming data from ISR and TDL networks, analyze the data using Voyager Network Modules, and then transmits it out over LOS networks via MANET. Not to mention, the Voyager TRIK allows for multiple radios on multiple networks to connect as well. Additionally, when radio brackets are placed into a Voyager TRIK, they will receive battery backed power from the chassis.

The picture below shows only a few examples of the radio platforms supported in the Voyager TRIK. These are also supported in our other Voyager products. We are barely scratching the surface of the endless opportunities the Voyager TRIK can provide.


The ability to deliver route, switch and compute along with tactical radio integration makes the Voyager Tactical Radio Integration Kit the deployable networking system of choice. For more about the Voyager TRIK, check out our video here.

To summarize, we can utilize multiple radio platforms all in one chassis using Voyager Radio Brackets. The Voyager Radio Brackets have been tested and taken to extreme measures with environmental certification including shock, dust, and temperature, and more.


With that being said, whether you’re patrolling hostile environments, floating the Rio Grande, or creating retransmission in a rotary wing aircraft, Voyager products from Klas Government will fit your mission requirement and provide you the reliability that you need.

For more information, contact sales@klasgov.com.




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