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May 8-11, 2023

Klas Government at SOF Week 2023

SOF Week 2023

From May 8-11th, Klas will be at SOF Week 2023 showcasing the latest in tactical edge technology, including the newly announced VoyagerVM4.0. To learn more, contact sales@klasgov.com to schedule a meeting and/or visit us at Booth#1413.

Klas’ TrueTactical™ technology is proven, trusted, and deployed across all elements of the U.S. Department of Defense and its coalition partners.

Across our booth, we will highlight the advantages of TrueTactical™, with demonstrations of our modular platform and vast partner ecosystem enabling your organization meet the needs and scale of any mission requirement. Our live booth demonstrations include all domain capabilities of:


  • Scalable tactical edge compute: Enabling interoperability and adaptability for highly resilient, reliable and robust deployments in austere environments.
  • AI/ML powered tactical edge: Collect, process, analyze and distribute data at the edge, getting the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Multi-domain awareness and information management: Increase the efficiency of data exchange by reducing cognitive workloads. Leverage multiple transport methods,  to fuse information and displays across all domains, for all coalition partners.



  • Expeditionary communications: Deliver the lowest probability of interception/detection in remote and highly contested locations.
  • Seamless Military Radio integrations: Merge multiple program requirements and end user missions with support for 30+ radios.
  • Resilient Transport: Support any method of transport (SATCOM agnostic) and COTS software.



  • Cyber Protection: Zero trust architectures of compute, software, firmware, with electromagnetic spectrum sensing ability for the highest levels of cyber protection.
  • Security for DDiL: Defend your networks against cyberattacks in highly contested or denied environments.


About SOF Week 2023:

USSOCOM has hosted a successful annual industry-focused program in Tampa, FL, for years. Its expansion into “SOF Week” beginning in 2023 will build on that success by unifying the geographically, operationally, and Service dispersed SOF enterprise and offering a variety of programs for its many stakeholders and supporters.

GSOF is uniquely positioned to execute this vision as the only professional association serving the entire international SOF community. It has planned and produced SOF-specific symposiums in the U.S. and Europe since 2015 and possesses a vast network including Allied and Partner Nations, as well the GSOF Advisory Council of former senior SOF leaders and supporters worldwide. Also, by partnering with Clarion Events, a premier global exhibition organizer, our team will lend its joint expertise to deliver on USSOCOM’s objectives and host a world-class inaugural “SOF Week” in May 2023.

Register to attend SOF Week 2023 here.

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