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Voyager VM

VoyagerVM 4.0 is an enterprise grade server for extreme edge environments, built on the latest Intel Xeon D processor.

Built rugged from the inside out.
Engineered rugged, VoyagerVM 4.0 meets the requirements for TrueTactical™ and MIL-STDs. VoyagerVM 4.0 is designed to a high standard to withstand dropping, shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures with no degradation in operational performance.

VoyagerVM 4.0

Key Features

  • Intel 10th Gen Xeon D processor with 128 GB RAM
  • Enhanced security features, including:
    • Secure Boot
    • Intel Boot Guard
    • Intel TXT (Trusted Execution Technology)
    • Intel TME (Total Memory Encryption)
    • Intel SGX (Software Guard Extensions)
    • Hardware controlled tamper switch
  • Dual removable E1.S NVMe self encrypted (SED) SSDs
  • VIK+ SED removable NVMe device for boot or write cache operations
  • NVMe SED internal boot device with 256 GB capacity (optional)
  • Aggregated networking capability of 105 Gbps
  • 110 W power consumption compatible with Voyager1+, Voyager 2+, Voyager 2 Slim, Voyager 4, Voyager 4 Slim, Voyager 6, Voyager 8 QP, and Voyager 8+
  • High-speed PCIe Gen 4 expansion interface to extend the base compute module with GPU or NVMe storage capabilities
  • Klas maintained OpenBMC embedded firmware for secure management

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