Cloud performance storage for the Tactical Edge

Cloud performance storage for the Tactical Edge

VoyagerNAS 4.0


Cloud performance storage for the Tactical Edge

Many applications and services developed and run by cloud service providers (CSPs) have access to high-performance storage devices. The CSP storage has high read/write inputs and outputs per second (IOPS) and bandwidth throughput. For cloud based applications or services to run at the edge (where connectivity is denied, degraded, intermittent, or limited), require the same high-performance storage capabilities.

VoyagerVM 4.0 is a rugged compute server built on the 10th-generation Intel Xeon D processor. To gain the maximum performance from the compute, requires PCIe® Gen4 NVMe E1.S SSDs, as is the case in the VoyagerVM 4.0. The IOPS achieved by VoyagerVM 4.0 is equivalent in performance to the CSP, thus ensuring the same application and service experience at the Tactical Edge.


Scalable Edge Storage

With three removable NVMe storage devices (2x E1.S NVMe and 1x CFExpress) and an optional embedded NVMe storage device, the VoyagerVM 4.0 is suitable for running multiple applications and cloud software architectures. However, storage can quickly become an issue, as is typical:

  • When large datasets and files are in use, or
  • When there is an increase in the data volume that needs to be captured by edge sensors.

To overcome storage challenges at the edge, the VoyagerVM 4.0 storage can be expanded via the PCIe expansion interface using a dedicated Voyager expansion storage module (KLAS-EXP-STOR-A). The KLAS-EXP-STOR-A adds four additional slots of PCIe Gen4 NVMe E1.S SSDs (up to 7.68 TB each) to the VoyagerVM 4.0.

Furthermore, the expanded VoyagerVM 4.0 (6 x removable E1.S NVMe storage devices) is compact and runs on a low-power envelope (220W), making it the ideal storage solution for tactical edge and mobility applications.


100Gbps Network Attached Storage (NAS)

In addition to the seven removable NVMe-based SSDs, the VoyagerVM 4.0 comes with 4 x 25GbE interfaces. The high bandwidth network eliminates storage bottlenecks at the tactical edge. Making the VoyagerVM 4.0 ideal for I/O-intensive and latency-sensitive virtualization applications.

Furthermore, with 4 x 25GbE interfaces, users can create data center-like redundancy with multiple network paths connected over an external switch of equivalent 100Gbps speeds.


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