Klas Telecom rebrands as Klas

17 November 2020

Dublin, Ireland

A lot of things have changed since Klas Telecom was established in 1991. First founded to make remote learning easier, leveraging ISDN and satellite technology, we connected students in remote areas to their teachers. ISDN is long gone but Klas remains, still enabling people to do important things in challenging environments.

Whether it’s virtual learning for kids in remote locations, enabling autonomous vehicles or empowering first responders at the edge of the network – the challenge has always been the same – to help people do more than ever before at the network edge.

How we do it has evolved from our telecommunications background. To mark this change we’ve decided to simplify our name to Klas. Take a look at our new branding and how Klas can help you at

Klas, the Edge Intelligence company.

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