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Klas Government at MiLCIS 21 

Klas Government at MiLCIS 21 

Klas Government at MILCIS 21


Klas Government at MiLCIS 21 

Klas Government CEO, Dave Huisenga and Director of Innovation, Wade Johnston will be attending MiLCIS 2021 (Military Communication and Information Systems Conference and Expo) in Canberra, Australia from February 22 – 24.

Dave and Wade will be briefing Klas Government C4I development initiatives with US DoD and you can visit the CISTECH booth to book a meeting with them. Wade Johnston is a recently retired US Army COL and former JSOC J6, Commander Joint Communications Unit, and CIO/G6 Army Futures Command. Wade has been working extensively with US Army, SOCOM and JSOC to develop their next-generation tactical communications networks and architectures. Wade is coming to MILCIS to meet with Defence Capability Managers and Program leads to discuss a number of the exciting US Army C4I initiatives Klas Government is supporting including:

  • Secure multi-enclave solutions including solutions in use by the US and UK military
  • Radio integration
  • Multi-mission systems
  • Tactical cloud / edge processing / secure multi-cloud architectures
  • Platform integration
  • Network convergence – mission systems, deployable networking, and wide area networking

Find out more about MiLCIS 21 here.


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