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Four Components of a Successful Executive Communications Plan

Four Components of a Successful Executive Communications Plan

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Four Components of a Successful Executive Communications Plan

by Dan Morris, Director of Solutions Engineering at Klas Government


Executives and their teams need the ability to meet and make critical decisions anytime and anywhere in the world. It’s imperative that their technology enables them to manage a continuous flow of information and providing a seamless transition from the office to a vehicle, aircraft or hotel is essential. Whether supporting VIPs, a small group or a large contingency, executive communications kits need to be reliable, portable, easy to use and secure.


Typical communications equipment needs regulated temperatures and pristine environments to perform as specified. When the need arises to travel to harsh environments, the expectation is for the equipment to perform as desired. Subzero temperatures, extreme heat and humidity can be a plague on electronic equipment. Having equipment that is built for maximum protection and durability is essential to ensuring it will operate when needed most.


A popular military mantra is “ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain.” Regardless of whether an executive travels with an entourage or not, the smaller and lighter the system, the happier they will be. Maintaining access to unclassified and classified information on the go provides continuity of operations, ensures a consistent message and better decision making. Achieving this capability in a carry-on bag or backpack will make communications on the go more comfortable and enjoyable.

Easy to Use

In cases where the support team isn’t traveling with the executive, an executive that must spend hours on the phone troubleshooting will likely not go over well. Empowering the user while preventing the need for privileged access or to the console in the device can been accomplished using a Voyager Ignition Key (VIK). This allows for administrators to save configurations to it, so that the device can be reconfigured or updated by simply inserting an updated VIK. Modules can also be repurposed for other networks by swapping VIKs. Now, systems can be repurposed, or re-baselined on the fly without any command line or technical assistance. This is truly game changing!


Providing secure communication while maintaining portability and ease of use is an achievable goal. Encryption devices that are small enough to fit in the palm of our hand can be incorporated via our Voyager brackets. Battery backup and power can be provided not only to the modules but to the encryption device as well through a single power supply. With the ability to support Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) the need for a traditional encryption device can be eliminated while still providing access to classified networks.

Executives require the ability to make critical decisions and communicate with their peers and teams whether in the office or on the go. They need systems in place to support them that must be reliable, portable, easy to use and secure. Voyager incorporates these functions and more. To learn more about the VoyagerECK, click here.


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