Three options for deploying data center-grade computing systems

Three options for deploying data center-grade computing systems


Three options for deploying data center-grade computing systems

Three Options for Deploying Data Center-Grade Computing Systems
Written by: Herman Leybovich, Director of Sales Engineering, Klas Telecom Government

With the wave of cloud adoption, the Hybrid-Edge solution has become the preferred model for tactical cloud deployment. There’s a reason for this: customers who deploy to the tactical edge cannot rely solely on reach-back services to the cloud. With these considerations, what are the options for deploying data center grade computing to the edge?

1.  Traditional 19″ rack-mount compute and storage

Industry has come a long way in producing high performance computing with high-density storage for almost any use-case. However, these systems depend heavily on industrial grade Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Such infrastructure may not be available at the “Edge.”

2. Traditional 19″ rack-mount systems that have been “ruggedized”

These systems attempt to solve the problem of high and low temperature, and shock and vibration by developing cases in which to mount the traditional compute and storage. These systems are trying to become backwards compatible to the edge use case, but challenges still persist with heating, ventilation, and the power requirements you’d expect for a rack in a data center.

3. Systems specially designed to operate in Hybrid-Edge use cases

These systems are designed from the ground up with components intended to operate in the embedded space. Designed to survive a range of environmental conditions by integrating HVAC into the components, these systems are made to bring your cloud anywhere, and keep it working everywhere.

The Voyager TDC was designed from the ground up for the Hybrid-Edge cloud:

  • With components that are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions they\’re not afraid of the cold or the heat
  • The integrated power system takes the place of expensive and hard to ship generators
  • Performance isn’t compromised, leveraging intel Xeon processors and all-flash storage
  • They are built to bring the services and user-experience that our customers deserve and expect


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