Nvidia GPU technology for AI/ML and video processing at the edge

UAV and CCTV video streams provide increased security in many locations today.

With VoyagerGPU, you can analyse video in real time for inference applications but also train your AI/ML models at the edge of the network.

Additionally VoyagerGPU can transcode up to 16 HD video streams for transmission over a low-bandwidth network

Combined Xeon D CPU and Nvidia GPU spanning two Voyager modules


Figure 1: VoyagerGPU Front View Figure 2: VoyagerGPU Rear View

Key Features:

  • GPU options include
    • NVIDIA Turing-based GPU options:
      • Quadro T1000
      • Quadro RTX 3000
      • Quadro RTX 5000
  • CPU options include
    • Xeon D 8, 12, 16 cores
    • Atom Denverton 8-core
  • Storage is provided by dual SATA 2.5” bay plus VIK+ for operating system
  • 10 GB networking capabilities
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