A State of the Art, Multi-Enclave Chassis

The award-winning Voyager 8 is a carbon fiber, airline carry-on-size transit case with a rack-mountable UPS that can host up eight Voyager modules.

Ideal for Command Post deployments in either fixed or mobile locations, Voyager 8 is a mature product deployed in the field since 2012 but still providing class-leading capability per cubic inch.

A single Voyager 8 system can support up to four secure network enclaves, hundreds of users, and be stacked to form a company command post or higher echelon network support package.

Voyager 8 systems can be stacked to form a company command post or higher echelon network support package. Further, for Command and Control On the Move (C2OTM), airborne en route or other rackmount environments, the Voyager 8 chassis can be removed from the case and mounted in a standard 19″ rack.

Tactical Radio Integration Kit (TRIK)

Integrate Harris AN/PRC 117G, Harris AN/PRC 152, Thales AN/PRC 148 MBITR, L-3 Tactical Network Rover and other tactical radios into your route, switch and compute network and charge and power them in the same case! The Klas Telecom Voyager 8’s integrated power design and distribution system enables the radios to be seamlessly integrated without increasing size, weight and power (SWaP).

Virtualization, Storage and Compute

Never be without your data. Voyager 8 can be utilized to deploy enterprise-grade, high-density compute and storage to tactical environments so that users can bring datacenter applications and services to the field. Voyager 8 enables localized data so as not to have to rely on faulty backhaul and limited bandwidth.

Key Features:

Supports the full range of Voyager network modules to provide:

  • Routing & switching
  • VoIP
  • Server virtualization
  • Radio integration
  • WAN acceleration
  • Storage
  • UPS
  • Satellite, terrestrial and cellular backhaul
  • Can be configured as a tactical data storage network, tactical radio integration system, cross domain suite and more
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