The Voyager 2+ chassis is the smallest dual-enclave system available. Optimized for backpack use, Voyager 2+ has support for two Voyager Network Modules and up to two HAIPE devices (or mounting points for external devices such as a Cradlepoint IBR900). The Voyager 2+ has a higher power output than the standard Voyager 2 to allow for the increased power demands of newer more powerful Voyager modules such as VoyagerVM 3.0 and VoyagerESR 2.0.

All devices are battery backed using a 2590-based UPS with built-in charger.

Voyager 2+

Voyager 2+

Key Features

  • Supports any two network modules including VoyagerESR 2.0, VoyagerVM 3.0, etc.
  • Support for up to two HAIPE devices such as ViaSat KG-250X, ViaSat KG-250XS, Taclane Nano KG-175N, etc.
  • One side mounted HAIPE bracket is supplied as standard with the option to order and install a second top mounted HAIPE bracket.
  • HAIPE brackets can also be used to mount external devices such as a Cradlepoint IBR900
  • 200 W UPS with wide-ranging DC input and space for 1 x 2590 battery
  • Battery level indicator
  • Universal AC Power Supply included
  • Transit case option available

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