Since 2007, Klas Pioneer Express  has been the standard for all-in-one remote access to secure networks for small teams.

The all-new Pioneer Express 5.1 provides faster networking, compute, and support for Type 1 HAIPE, all in a compact form factor.

Supported by a range of global service points, Pioneer Express makes access to secure networks in remote locations easy.

Pioneer Express 5.1

Key Features

  • Rugged carry-on case measuring 22” W x 13.8” L x 9” H (559 mm x 351 mm x 229 mm)
  • PT (red) and CT (black) networking functions for use with a Type 1 HAIPE encryptor
  • Built-in laptop with standard applications such as email, internet, etc.
  • Support for voice, videoconferencing, and any IP-based data application
  • Global reachback capability using Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminal
  • Internal Voyager 1+ battery backup with charging from AC or DC sources

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