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Klas Telecom’s Voyager Tactical Radio Integration Kit (TRIK) was Selected to fill Critical Role in Capability Set ’21 Integrated Tactical Network (ITN) Architecture


The selection of the Klas Telecom’s Voyager TRIK for the Army ITN Program, will enable Army communicators to use common communication components across all deployments, creating a single battlefield network.

AUGUST 27, 2020 (HERNDON, VA) As part of the ITN architecture within Capability Set ’21 (CS21), four Army Brigade Combat teams have been selected for the initial fielding of Klas Telecom’s Voyager TRIK, a low SWaP and rugged communications solution that provides the core voice and data gateway functionality at company, battalion and brigade levels. The Tactical Radio Mesh Network and use of other readily available technologies that Klas Telecom has been able to integrate, such as TAK and Haivision’s Kraken, decrease connection time enabling an unprecedented level of situational awareness and a true Common Operating Picture (COP). This gives users the benefit of being able to communicate more efficiently, carry less equipment, make better and faster decisions, and have flexibility for changing mission environments.

“The ITN greatly increases warfighter effectiveness on the battlefield and the Voyager TRIK is at the heart of it. What took a JTAC upwards of 30 minutes to accomplish with unplanned overhead assets, can now be done in 30 – 45 seconds. 30 minutes is too long to wait for air support that’s needed immediately.”
– Mike Munn, Director of Army Programs at Klas Telecom Government

The Capability Set construct is designed to be renewed every two years to ensure the Army is fielding the latest technology from industry. After this initial fielding in October 2020, technology from CS21 will be evaluated based on Soldier feedback upon the completion of key events which is the foundation of the Developmental Operations (DEVOPS) approach. The DEVOPS approach is pivotal in ensuring our Soldiers iteratively receive the best capabilities available and do not get pigeonholed into solutions that may become obsolete or less effective over the life of a typical programmatic approach. Klas Telecom has a history of designing and providing innovative products through the DEVOPS approach within Special Operations and is excited to see it become a part of the Army’s approach for today’s Soldiers.

“This is an exciting time for Klas as the selection of the Voyager TRIK validates the modularity and scalability of the Voyager product line. Our recent awards from U.S. Army’s CS21 ITN, PEO Aviation, ESB-E and SIVT programs, and contracts from our Coalition partners in Australia and the United Kingdom, validate that we are using common components to enable command and control via communications across multiple domains. These contract awards are just the start for Klas as the Capability Set modernization format fits our Evolutionary Product Development model perfectly. We will continually enhance our existing products and develop new products by communicating directly with our customers and partners to ensure we provide the best communication systems available on the market.”
– David Huisenga, President and CEO at Klas Telecom Government

For more information about Klas Telecom’s products or involvement with U.S. Army programs, please contact sales@klastelecomgov.com.

About Klas Telecom Government

Klas Telecom Government provides rugged, low size, weight and power (SWaP) deployable communications solutions to meet the needs of government and military communicators in any operational environment. The company enables customers to communicate in extreme environments by delivering tactical and executive communications systems specifically designed for ultimate flexibility, scalability and portability. Follow Klas Telecom Government on LinkedIn.


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