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The Voyager 6 is a six slot chassis designed for vehicle applications. The chassis is compatible with the Standardized A-Kit Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) specification and the SINCGARS MT-6352. Each of the six slots can accommodate a standard Voyager form factors.

Key Features:

  • Support for up to six Voyager modules and radio brackets in standard Voyager form factors
  • 28 VDC power input to MIL-STD-1275 for vehicle installations
  • Mechanically isolated chassis with anti-vibration mounts and separate failsafe
  • Supports any 12 VDC or 28 VDC Voyager modules including 3rd party radios mounted in Klas radio brackets
  • Compatible with Standardized A-Kit / Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) specifications which creates a significant reduction in time and resources when integrating into existing vehicles
  • Chassis can be removed from the vehicle mount for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Optional external PSU (200W & 600W) available for use in desktop environment
  • Optional transit case available

For more information contact sales@klasgov.com

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