25 October 2016


VoyagerECK won the international design competition
Red Dot Award for its sleek product design.


Enabling access to secure network resources on the go

The VoyagerECK (Executive Communications Kit) provides VoSIP and multi-enclave data capability in a small, portable, lightweight package. With its built-in cellular and Wi-Fi transport options, the VoyagerECK solution enables global access to secure network resources even when a user is on the move. Furthermore, VoyagerECK is easy to use with an average set up time of less than three minutes. VoyagerECK also meets a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) requirement by allowing users to utilize their existing laptop computer.

“The rapid set up and tear down time this VoyagerECK provides is crucial to providing communications while in a highly mobile situation. For example, I utilized the kit in an airport terminal while waiting for the aircraft to power up. We did not have enough time to set up other kits to send or receive messages.”

– A senior member of a commanding general’s communication team


More on the VoyagerECK

VoyagerECK provides familiar and robust Cisco-based routing and switching capabilities while remaining scalable and compatible with other Voyager chassis options. It combines these networking capabilities with a lightweight carbon fiber chassis, integrated power supply with battery backup and a rugged yet compact SIP handset. The innovative chassis design enables easy access to the handset for secure voice calls while keeping other networking components and HAIPE organized and concealed until needed.

Download the VoyagerECK data sheet

DISA DECTK-Gateway, APL and CSfC

The VoyagerECK is listed on the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Approved Products List, has been authorized for use and currently operates on DISA’s DoD Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateway (DECTK-GW), and is primed to become compatible with the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program…making it the preferred mobile communications kit for important decision makers DoD-wide.

The VoyagerECK operating on an approved DISA gateway equips senior decision makers in the federal government with a secure mobile workspace solution that is cost-effective, easy to use, and incredibly flexible. With this enterprise communications suite in place, important members throughout the DoD community, and the secure networks on which they rely, are never out of reach.

Key Features


  • Easy access to VoSIP handset through dedicated door for voice calls even while on-the-move
  • Data ports accessible through separate access doors
  • Removal of Voyager Ignition Key (VIK) renders the device inoperable for additional security
  • G.729 transcoding, NHRP, Multipoint GRE/DMVPN, OSPF
  • VIK allows persona portability among systems and enables rapid reconfiguration by an incidental operator
  • Carbon fiber structure provides lightweight but robust construction
  • Half the size of Klas Telecom’s Executive Voice Kit (EVK)


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