Secure Remote Access via Compact VSAT

30 September 2015

The Voyager product line provides ground-breaking scalability from two-man teams to Command Post sized operations. Additional secure enclaves or services can be added easily so having additional bandwidth when you need it makes a VSAT satellite terminal the ideal reachback companion.DSC_5938-554x450DSC_5932-357x450


Klas has partnered with Tampa Microwave to offer the 65cm  TM-X850MP VSAT terminal with Voyager. Available with X-Band and Ku-band options, it is approved to operate on government-owned WGS infrastructure but also supports commercial satellites.

By coupling the smallest baseband package with the smallest man-pack VSAT, this solution has unrivaled portability. The solution is available in hard and soft case variants and packaging can be tailored for your needs where required.

The hardcase variants shown left meet airline carry-on size limits providing unrivalled flexibility in deploying satellite terminals.


Key Discriminators

High Performance:
Demonstrated uplink data rates over 6 Mbps

Quick change to Ku and KA bands (10 lbs each)

Simple to Operate:
Auto assist display provides “BGAN like” setup (that an unskilled operator can use to point at the satellite)

Purpose-built for tactical environment (MIL-STD-810)

Monolithic RF design requires no cooling fans providing smallest, lightest, most reliable terminal available

In Production:
In production with final WGS Certification 1Q 2011

Contracts Available:
Call us for contracting options


Key X-Band Features

  • No Fans – Passively cooled
  • Auto Assist Pointing – Simple front panel display instructions assist satellite acquisition
  • High Performance – Low loss
  • G/T (20 deg elevation)
  • 45 cm Antenna = 8.4 dB/K
  • 65 cm Antenna = 11.4 dB/K
  • EIRP (P1dB)
  • 45 cm Antenna = 41.8 dBW (Basic)
  • 65 cm Antenna = 44.8 dBW (Option)
  • System weight = 27 lbs
  • Extremely field configurable
  • No tools required
  • X, Ku or Ka transceivers
  • Quick-release 45 or 65cm antenna
  • Internal GPS
  • NVG Compatible
  • MIL-STD-810 tested
  • Operational temp 0°C to 40°C
  • Storage temp -20°C – 60°C
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