Klas Harris AN/PRC-117G

The Voyager Manpack Radio Brackett (VoyagerMRB) is an adapter bracket which allows tactical radios such as the Harris AN/PRC-117G Wide Band Tactical Radio (AN/PRC-117G) to be mounted into a Voyager 8 chassis in order to provide a gateway from the tactical in-field radio to the IP network and backhaul to remote base stations. When installed, the VoyagerMRB takes up two slot positions in the Voyager 8 chassis as shown in Figure 1, and is powered directly from the Voyager 8 power board. No additional power or battery supply is required.

Figure 1 Mulitple AN/PRC-117G radios mounted in a Voyager 8 chassis using two VoyagerMRBs


Figure 2 VoyagerMRB

Key Features:

  • Slide-in locking mechanism provides fast installation and removal of radios into a Voyager 8.
  • All radio power and battery backup is contained with the Voyager 8. No additional power supply or batteries are required.
  • Provides easy method of deploying preconfigured tactical radios to IP networks with minimal set up and deploy time.
  • Rugged chassis support for secure deployment in remote and diverse terrains.