Fiber media converter in the standard Voyager small form factor

Klas VoyagerMCAT

VoyagerFX2 delivers a fiber media converter capability housed in the standard Voyager network module form factor (7.4” W x 6.3” L x 2” H). VoyagerFX2 provides two Perle Fast Ethernet media converters and also contains an integrated power supply to leverage the Voyager power backplane. The power supply allows the media converters to be used with any of the Voyager range of chassis or alternatively as a standalone or remotely located device. SC, LC, and ST media interface types are supported.

VoyagerFX2 has a removable front panel that enables quick exchange of media converters in the field.

Image on left shows front-panel. Image on right shows access to Perle modules

Key Features:

  • Available in SC, LC, and ST connector formats
  • Accommodates two Perle media converters
  • Perle components are field replaceable
  • Custom power supply to adapt Voyager backplane to support the Perle modules


VoyagerFX2 Primary Components

  • Two Perle media converters
  • Custom power supply
  • Rugged, fanless enclosure

Physical Specifications

  • 7.4” W x 6.3” L x 2” H (188 x 160 x 52mm)
  • 4.4 lbs / 2 kg

Electrical Specifications

  • 9-18 VDC input
  • 2.1W per Perle device installed (with both devices installed consumption is 4.2W)


  • Aluminum chassis with integrated cooling for fanless operation. Chassis includes dust caps
  • Removable front panel

Operating Temperature

  • 0 to 50 °C

Storage Temperature

  • -25 to 70 °C

Supported Multi-Mode Perle Devices

  • S-100-M2ST2-XT Dual ST 100Base-Fx with 2km range
  • S-100-M2SX2-XT Dual SC 100Base-Fx with 2km range
  • S-100-M2LC2-XT Dual LC 100Base-Fx with 2km range

Supported Single-Mode Perle Devices

  • S-100-S2ST20-XT Single ST 100Base-Fx with 20km range
  • S-100-S2SC20-XT Single SC 100Base-Fx with 20km range


  • In addition to the fiber port each module has a 10/100 BaseT port