Klas’ Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15) is a small and lightweight flyaway communications system that includes a laptop, red/black routers and HAIPE support plus Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminal.

In use since 2007, Pioneer Express has now been upgraded with the latest Panasonic CF-20 laptop, Viasat KG-250XS HAIPE and optional LTE/Wi-Fi backhaul.

A field-proven solution renowned for ease-of-use, all in an airline carry-on wheeled case.

Voyager GRIPP


Key Features


  • Rugged carry-on case measuring 22” W x 14” L x 9” H
  • Red and black-side routing using KRTv4 ESm and Cisco 5915 ESR respectively
  • Encryption with support for a KG-250XS device
  • Built-in UPS providing 3 hours support, chargeable from vehicle power socket
  • Panasonic CF-20 laptop to host applications including Cisco WebEx Teams and Common Operational Picture
  • Optional TRX R2 as Wi-Fi/LTE backhaul with firewall
  • CSfC Ready