Media Companies Double Bandwidth with Inmarsat BGAN Converge

30 September 2015

Bandwidth availability is the lifeblood of news organizations when reporting from OB locations. A news truck is not always practical so Inmarsat BGAN has been providing up to 432kpbs data rates globally since 2006 to meet this requirement. Following the integration of BGAN Converge on VoyagerVM, these data rates can now reach E1 speeds on Inmarsat’s High Data Rate terminals.

Where more bandwidth is required, Klas has integrated Inmarsat’s BGAN Converge on our VoyagerVM platform to bond two Explorer 710 terminals so that you can double the available bandwidth increasing the quality of your live broadcast.vm

The performance of VoyagerVM also means that it can be used for other applications such as:

  • Media server for store-and-forward video
  • WAN Acceleration solution
  • VPN capability for remote access to enterprise networks
  • Gigabit network switch to share the satellite link


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