Leveraging Inmarsat to Enable Fisheries Protection and Anti-Piracy

30 September 2015

In an era of diminished fish stocks globally, the battle to secure fishing grounds is critical. Efficient flow of information between vessels at sea and land-based co-ordination centres is a key requirement to investigate suspect vessels. While HF radio is often used when close to shore this technology doesn’t provide the global footprint required to operate both in the North Atlantic and Horn of Africa.FB_post_repos_coverage1-1Screen-Shot-2013-10-02-at-09.10.50-272x300


Your investment in Inmarsat and Voyager is also protected with a simple upgrade path from FleetBroadband to Inmarsat Global Xpress. Inmarsat GX provides up to 50Mbps throughput on a Ka-based global VSAT network and is available from 2014. Voyager’s Cisco-based technology supports migration to Inmarsat GX with support for Service Enablement Platform using Cisco IOS and VMWare technology.

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