OCTOBER 2, 2018 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Last month, Klas Telecom’s Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC), the first and only rapidly deployable enterprise-grade compute and data storage network system that fits in an airline carry-on-sized rollaway case, received validation for multiple MIL-STD-810G Department of Defense (DoD) Test Method Standards for Environmental Engineering after undergoing rigorous stress testing by an independent lab. Receiving MIL-STD-810G validation for multiple methods allows U.S. defense agencies to procure the Voyager TDC with confidence that it will hold up under the most common harsh conditions the system will likely experience throughout its service life. Voyager TDC has been tested and validated for:

  • Method 500 – Low Pressure (Altitude)
  • Method 501 – High Temperature (operational and non-operational)
  • Method 502 – Low Temperature (operational and non-operational)
  • Method 506 – Blowing Rain
  • Methods 507 – Humidity and Temperature
  • Method 510 – Blowing Dust and Sand
  • Methods 514 and 514 – Vibration (for Field Transportation, Jet, and Propeller aircraft)
  • Method 516 – Shock
  • Method 521 – Icing/Freezing Rain

“Voyager TDC has the highest compute performance per watt and storage per cubic inch than any other system on the market and is therefore being looked at and evaluated across many DoD organizations to provide everything from ISR processing, hosting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning at the tactical edge and, when combined with other Voyager products, a mobile wireless fight-tonight mission command package,” Klas Telecom Government Director, DoD Business Development, Jon Kelly said. “Now, we have a certification to back what we’ve been saying for a long time, that the Voyager TDC matches in ruggedization what it provides in incredible capability.”

The Voyager TDC has been tested and fielded by many organizations across the DoD with customers reporting on the flexibility the system offers by, and the resulting cost savings from, being able to be transported many different ways, including overhead in commercial aircraft, hand carried, vehicle mounted and air dropped. Customers have also reported that the novelty of Voyager’s intelligent and nested power design enables it to be powered from many different sources, such as internal common military batteries, vehicle DC power, generators, and wide ranging AC. The Voyager TDC comes complete with four server blades that together provide 512 GB RAM; a tactical 10-gigabit switch for connectivity; a nested, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for failover, NVMe for high performance and more – all in a single 63 lb case.

Most recently, a prestigious Army division used the Voyager TDC in a proof-of-concept exercise and stated that it filled gaps in lightweight, expeditionary tactical network systems for mobile data and services that do not require ancillary transit cases and that are easy to transport. During the exercise, the organization replicated their network onto the Voyager TDC, deployed internationally with the system, air dropped it via parachute, and set up operations on the ground with no issues and had immediate access to all of the enterprise data and services they needed to conduct mission command in country.

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