During the final few months of 2013, Klas Telecom launched it’s first satellite modem, VoyagerCBM-100. Based on ViaSat’s small form factor version of its LinkWayS2 satellite modem (ViaSat CBM-100), VoyagerCBM-100 occupies less space (10.7″ W x 13″ L x 2.4″ H) than the standard, 19″ rack-mount 1 RU chassis and is ideal for tactical environments.

VoyagerCBM-100 is a separate, outdoor unit with full mesh capability, a hub-less MF TDMA architecture, and delivers mission critical data via a single satellite hop.

The new product is currently being evaluated at the Army’s Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) 14.2 as part of the Klas Telecom and Tampa Microwave First-in Agile Mission Command Package (FIAMP). FIAMP is a combined baseband and satellite terminal solution designed to be both modular and scalable to meet a diverse set of mission requirements.

For more information on Klas Telecom’s secure, remote access via compact satellite solutions click here and for product specifications on the VoyagerCBM-100 click here.

Key Features: