Klas Telecom Launches New VoyagerECK and Half-Height Rugged Network Modules

15 May 2014

Washington, DC – Klas Telecom has released two new additions to the Voyager product line increasing the flexibility of the rugged tactical communications system and further reducing its SWaP.

The new VoyagerECK (executive communications kit) provides VoSIP and multi-enclave data capability in a laptop-sized package. Included in VoyagerECK are two new Voyager m-series modules which are half the height of the existing Voyager network modules and represent the company’s commitment to making smaller, lighter equipment.

“We designed this system for executive communications requirements and similar small teams,” Klas Telecom CTO Ryan Kendrick said. “Rather than burdening customers with a new product form factor, we created the half-height Voyager module format (m-series) so that the same sub-modules used in VoyagerECK can be combined for installation in existing and future Voyager chassis.”

The VoyagerECK and m-series modules’ design also allow increased customization of features in baseband packages without a corresponding increase in system size. Further, the smaller modules allow use of advanced Voyager networking capabilities on deployment platforms where larger Voyager modules were less practical.

Screen-Shot-2014-05-15-at-9.45.02-AMKlas Telecom will debut the new products next week at the 2014 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) taking place in Tampa, Florida.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, please contact [email protected]

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