On November 21, 2012, The Department of Defense’s Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) selected Klas Telecom, Inc.’s Voyager 8 tactical communications system to support their vision for baseband deployment and integration of networked and non-networked capabilities. The contract to acquire the Klas’ Voyager system was awarded by the MacDill Air Force Base 6th Contracting Squadron after rigorous technical and operational testing. Voyager 8, Klas’ latest Voyager tactical communications system, will provide the JCSE (Airborne) with their next generation tactical and scalable communications capability.

The Voyager 8 system components are engineered to support a broad range of operational requirements, and to scale from supporting small teams to large command posts. Klas’ purpose-based engineering uniquely delivers key functions demanded by the market with an approach that reduces the customer’s cost of ownership, operations and maintenance costs, basis of issue requirements, and logistics footprint.

Klas President Glenn Hannon commented on the award, stating, “We are pleased to have been selected for this highly sought after opportunity. It was important to Klas to design and build the Voyager system to meet and exceed a very rigorous standard set by an elite organization such as JCSE. As an engineering and design company with multi-state manufacturing capabilities, Klas can rapidly respond to JCSE requirements and rapidly customize products to meet unique and evolving future requirements.”

About Klas Telecom, Inc.

Klas Telecom, Inc., founded in 1991, has been providing integrated, secure tactical communications solutions to the Department of Defense for over 12 years. Klas engineers work to solve the unique challenges of communicating securely in military first-in environments through extensive R&D efforts. Over 10,000 government satellite-based communication deploy­ments have relied on Klas technology to transfer data of all classification levels over both legacy and Internet Protocol networks. Klas has supported every Unified Combatant Command, including the U.S. Central Command where the company has designed, manufactured, and fielded over 2000 capability sets.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Klas is an official Cisco STI (Solution Technology Integrator) that delivers and manages critical components of government communication networks. Klas also has offices in Tampa, FL and Ft. Bragg, NC, with a robust post-sales engineering, support, and training capability that operates out of Reston, VA.


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