GRRIP (Pioneer Express, AN/PSC-15) Keeps Coalition Network Running During Retrograde

7 April 2014

In an article released Tuesday, April 1, U.S. Army PEO C3T reported that the Klas Telecom Global Rapid Response Information Package (GRRIP) solution, also known as the Pioneer Express or AN/PSC-15, will provide continuity of operations as the troops leave Afghanistan and will save the government approximately $900,000 a year.

As operations draw down in Afghanistan troops will be leaving and taking most of the communications infrastructure with them. During the retrograde, soldiers will use the GRRIP, a small, light weight, fully featured, secure, remote communications kit to stay connected to the coalition network from anywhere in the world.

The article reports that, “lessons learned from the drawdown in Iraq taught us that as networks get disassembled, mistakes can happen; things can go down when you weren’t expecting them to,” said Lt. Col. Leonard Newman, product manager for the Army’s Product Manager Satellite Communications, or PdM SATCOM, which is assigned to Project Manager WIN-T. “This solution has the potential to solve many of those problems and increase the expeditionary nature of the Army for future missions in remote areas or involving coalition forces.”

Click here for more on how the Army plans to use the GRRIPs during drawdown.

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