Laura Engelbrecht

Board Of Directors, Klas Government

Laura Engelbrecht is a former diplomat, business founder, and consultant with extensive experience working in the U.S. government contracting industry. She began her career in the U.S. State Department on the staff of Secretary Albright and then Secretary Powell. She then volunteered for a two-year post in the U.S. Embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she won the Human Rights and Democracy Achievement Award in 2002 for her work with rebel and militia groups in war-torn eastern DRC. In 2004, she left the State Department for the private sector, where she spent ten years building and managing two successful Government contracting companies which provide training, advising, intelligence, negotiation, and security services. Her companies have worked in war and conflict zones around the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kenya, Mali, and Congo. In 2015, Laura stepped away from an active management role in these companies.

She now serves as an independent consultant and Board Member for a select group of clients, where she assists the leadership teams of international businesses with complex security and compliance situations.

Laura was born in California, grew up in West Africa, and speaks French and two African tribal languages.

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