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Data center grade applications at the tactical edge

Kortex R is a holistic solution offering high-performance computing, networking and connectivity in a rugged chassis. The portable solution allows expeditionary forces to run data center-grade applications at the tactical edge. Kortex R integrates two Dell PowerEdge XR11 Rack Servers with Voyager connectivity and networking modules.
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MIL-STD 810G Voyager 8+ carbon fiber case
Modules are hard-mounted in 19” rack insert
Dual Dell XR11 servers
Voyager 2 Slim houses two battery-backed modules
VMware and Nutanix ready
Wi-Fi Access Point and LTE backhaul using the TRX R2
1 GbE Access and 10 GbE Core switching
Radios and encryption


With increasing requirements to act swiftly and decisively to emerging challenges, the modular, scalable and sustainable capabilities of Kortex R, are designed for rapid but robust deployments in the worst environments.
Kortex R is a fraction of the size of existing solutions with much more power.
Put simply, it moves faster, travels lighter and works where others won’t.

Take your database workloads on the road
(up to 72 cores)

With NEBS Level 3 compliant 1U servers and Klas Common Criteria certified switching

Figure: Kortex R with 2 x Dell XR11 servers, TRX R2 (connectivity) and VoyagerESR (route)




Take the cloud with you, then wheel it back to your data centre


Two Dell PowerEdge XR11 Rack Server (1U)

Support for 2 x Voyager modules:
Networking – VoyagerESR (route), VoyagerSW12GG (switch)
Connectivity – TRX R2 (wi-fi and cellular), VoyagerEMm (radio)
Compute – VoyagerVM 3.0 (additional 16 CPU cores)

Backup Power

The Klas Voyager compute, connectivity and networking modules can be fitted with Voyager 1+ battery packs, allowing them to continue operating in the event of a loss of power or no available AC power source at the tactical edge.
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