Harry Lynam and his son, Henry, establish Klas, beginning our journey of enabling people to do important things in challenging environments. Both engineers, Harry and Henry became experts in ISDN technology. In these pre internet days, they used ISDN to connect students in remote locations to their teachers in virtual classrooms – hence the name Klas. 

Newly launched satellite constellations provide the world’s ocean going fleets with the option to transfer data at much faster speeds than ever before. Klas collaborate with Immarsat to develop a maritime satellite product called the KlasHopper. With the KlasHopper ships could access to this state of the art satellite service and send mission critical or time sensitive data from anywhere in the world. Soon Klas started providing similar solutions to oil and gas, aviation and first-in responder markets. 



By now, satellite technology is being used much more to connect to the Internet. Klas, working with The European Space agency, develop the KlasRouter, our first Internet Protocol (IP) networking device. This allows satellite users to easily access the internet and maximise the performance and capability of their satellite links. 

Klas launch the KlasPioneer Express, a mobile office solution that allows Government users to connect securely from anywhere in the world. It exceeds all expectations, out performing anything else available in the space. It is soon selected by a number of US Government agencies including the US Department of State, US Dept of Homeland Security, and the US Army. 



Klas Government is established in Washington DC, operating under a Special Security Agreement (SSA) from the US State Department. The SSA allows Klas Government’s work on classified contracts so they can better serve our US Government customers. Klas Government also provides a dedicated service to our defense and public safety customers around the world. 

KlasVoyager is born. Klas engineering leverages the best embedded technology from Cisco and Intel to build the first scalable and modular route, switch and compute platform for the first-in responder. Voyager is a hardened communication suite purpose built for the low size, weight and power environment of the first-in responder who needs to connect at the extreme edge of the network. 



As part of an MBO, Harry and Henry Lynam pass the baton to the management team of John Gallagher (CEO), Frank Murray (CTO), Brendan McCann (CFO) and Glenn Hannon (COO). 

Klas joins forces with Cisco and enters the rail market with the launch of the TRX. The TRX is a connected transportation platform for Transportation operating companies and service providers who want to build and control their network. The TRX supports both passenger centric and train operator focused applications from a single virtualised platform.



The Voyager Tactical Data Center is launched in partnership with Nutanix, VMware and NetApp. This groundbreaking product allows the first-in responder to bring the full power of the data center to the edge of the network for the first time. 

ATT and Verizon certify Voyager Cell Duo. Public safety and emergency personnel responding to natural disasters can now quickly restore cell coverage when infrastructure has been destroyed by hurricanes and earthquakes. 



SNCF selects Klas TRX for the French National Rail Network. SNCF chose the TRX to improve train connectivity and onboard services of its regional fleet. SNCF plan to extend video surveillance from the station to the train, this real time access to video streams will allow a quick response to any incidents when the train is on the move. 

We partner with Microsoft to bring AZURE to the tactical edge. Microsoft and Klas engineers take an existing Voyager module and make it even more secure and rugged so Azure can now be used with confidence at the extreme edge of the network.
Klas enter the Automotive market with the launch of the TRX D8. A leading automotive Tier 1 supplier selects the TRX D8 to accelerate the development of their next generation autonomous vehicle systems.